Whisperer is a helmet with the Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication technology which can communicate with the other V2V devices and remind the riders to avoid dangerous situations.

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication is a crash avoidance technology, which relies on communication of information between nearby vehicles to potentially warn drivers about dangerous situations that could lead to a crash. For example, V2V could help warn a driver that a vehicle up ahead is braking and they need to slow down, or let a driver know that it’s not safe to proceed through an intersection because another car (yet unseen by the driver) is quickly approaching.

Each year

Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication

Can Reduce 50% accidents


400,000 to 600,000 crashes,

190,000 to 270,000 injuries,

and save 780 to 1,080 lives

How about the Rider’s road safety?

~92,000 motorcyclist injured in crashes

~50,000 bicyclists injured in crashes

V2V communication for riders


When Whisperer receives the potential dangerous information, the speaker will remind the rider to beware of the unsafe circumstance by voice.

The V2V communication receiver, transmitter, and processor are mounted on a printed circuit board(PCB), and this PCB and battery are placed in a chamber at the back side of the helmet. The user can charge Whisperer easily by connecting the USB power cord to the charging port.