What I do


Whisperer is a helmet with the Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) Communication technology which can communicate with the other V2V devices and remind the riders to avoid dangerous situations.

As an industrial designer, I generate new ideas, design 3D products, and create factory files for production.

Rental helmet is a system which provides an easy way for users to rent and return a sharing helmet when they are going to ride a shared bike.

Drip is a series of ceramic containers with different functions which are generated by one mold to fulfill our needs in daily life.

Zone is a redesigned stove which can reduce the spread of cooking fume in the house when people are cooking.

Office Aeroponics Plants is an office plant system which using the aeroponic technology to grow plants in the office to help people to build a friendly working environment.​

S.O.S. Wristband is a tool which can help the survivals trapped in the building and the rubble can be found by the rescue team fast and easily.