Shao-Hsuan is a Taiwanese industrial/graphic/UX designer and engineer. After obtaining his degrees in engineering, Shao-Hsuan went on to pursue further education in industrial design.

Shao-Hsuan's creative story began at an early age in an art class, with a question his art teacher asked, "what's the difference between a billboard painter and an artist?" "Creativity" was his answer, and it is also the key that leads him to conquer design challenges with innovative solutions.

In the past years, Shao-Hsuan has had experiences in varied areas of design, including drinkware, tableware, toy, packaging, electronics, website, app, digital advertising, poster, physical advertising material, business card and pitch deck. Shao-Hsuan has worked with clients like Starbucks, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Macy's, Metropolitan Opera and LSI Corporation.

Making good use of his knowledge in design and engineering, Shao-Hsuan is passionate in creating disruptive innovations that merge technology and user experience. His style is influenced by Eastern and Western cultures to create iconic designs for clients to achieve business success.